Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO
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Surrounding tourism

  • Ukishima Bridge·Fukiware Bridge

    Fukiwarenotaki (waterfall) of Fukiwarenotaki (waterfall) further upstream, there are two bridges over the Ukishima Island. The bridge on the right is "Ukishima Bridge".
    The scenery of the Senjojiki and Meoto Iwa (rock) that overlook from above is a different expression for each season.
  • Numata Park (Numata castle ruins)

    Sanada Clan park in the ruins of the Sanada Clan related castle is full of colorful flowers throughout the seasons.
    Some of the stone walls of the tower and other places have remained a remnant of the castle.
  • Mt Amagoi

    Mt Amagoi is a quiet mountain with few visitors.
    The view from the top is excellent, and you can see mountains such as Mt Akagi, Mt Tanigawa Mt Komochi, and Mt Tanigawa besides riverbank terraces that spread below your eyes.
  • Oigami Onsen Morning Market

    Morning market opened from 6 pm to 7:30 am every morning from April 20 to November 20.Fresh fresh vegetables and fruits brought by local people, wild vegetables and other special products of the Oigami are lined up.
  • Lake Sonohara (Sonohara Dam)

    A lake made by damming the Katashina Valley, the hardwoods in the surroundings are also beautiful and become a sight of autumnal leaves, and you can enjoy walking along the lake and fishing etc.
  • Mt Akagi

    Speaking of Gunma, Mt. Mt Akagi. (Akagiyama)
    Mt Haruna is counted as one of the Mt Myogi-san three Jomo Sanzan alongside Japan's 100 Remarkable Mountains Mt Haruna and Mt Myogi-san, and it is also one of the Japan's 100 Remarkable Mountains in Japan's 100 Remarkable Mountains.
  • Great Wetland of Senjogahara

    The most important sight of Senjogahara is the huge wetland as far as the eye can see! A tree road is circled around the wetland so that it can be enjoyed while protecting the marsh. It is a spot where you can meet even the most beautiful night sky in the center of the city.
  • Rafting (Minakami Town)

    You can take a special large rubber boat and go down from the upstream of Tone River.
    In the months of May, June and June of the thawing season, snowmelt water will flow in and you can enjoy the world rafting rafting.
  • Asian skunk cabbage (Asian skunk cabbage)

    Asian skunk cabbage begins to bloom around Ozegahara around the middle of May, and can be seen several days to a week late around Ozenuma.
    Above all, Asian skunk cabbage floating in the morning mist produces a wonderful view.
  • Nikkokishge(Zenteika)

    The flowering time is short because the flower is a flower, and when it is in full bloom dyes the moor of Oze yellow.
    Anyway the flower is big and it is yellow and stands out so it is popular and makes me feel the summer's visit.