Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO
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Facility information

From April 1, 2020, public spaces (lobbys, restaurants, etc.) within the facility are non-smoking.
We will provide a safe and secure space.
  • 【1F Lobby】lobby lounge

    Free time to relax in the lobby lounge.
    We support all of the facilities (wireless LAN) in this facility.
    You can use the Internet freely on a PC.
  • 【1F Lobby】Lounge

    Relax in the scenic lounge overlooking the hot spring town.
  • 【Beauty Spa】Beauty Spa Menu

    How about a beauty salon with outstanding cosmetic effect on a body warmed by a hot spring?
    Please refresh your mind and body with hot springs and beauty salon.

     ~ Refresh Este ~
     ( Ultrasonic Beauty Salon)

    ◆ Facial Beauty Salon( Beautiful face)
    ※, option:Seaweed Aquagelly Thalasso 1,000 yen
    ◆ Body beauty salon( back·shoulder)
    ◆ West Slim Beauty Salon( Lower abdomen)
    ◆ Arms Shiny Beauty Salon (both arms)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both ankles - a calf)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both thighs)
    ◆ Sole health health beauty salon( Both ankles - ankle)
    ※The above menu, 1 menu 20 minutes, it will be 2,000 yen.

    ◆Special course (whole body beauty) 60 minutes 6,000 yen
    (Facial, neck, hand, body, waist,
     Legs / calves / soles)

    【Opening Hours】
    PM 3: 00 to PM 10: 00

    Reservations are required, so please contact the front desk to apply.
    ※All prices are exclusive of tax.
  • 【1F/2F/3F】Big Hall·Medium hall·Banquet rooms

    【Introduction of various venues】
    We are preparing a venue where you can respond to a wide range of applications, from banquet halls according to the number of people, conference rooms, breakfast meetings, business meetings and meetings.

    <Location: 3F>
    Venue name: Large Banquet Hall Ho-o-den
    Size: 455 square meters(414.02 m²)

    <Location: 1F>
    Venue name:Ballroom with the stage
    Size: 273 square meters(248.4 m²)

    <Location: 2F>
    Venue name:Medium hall(Long life·plum·bamboo·Pine)
    Size: 109 square meters(99.37 m²)
  • Nightclub "Square"

    Please enjoy karaoke and second party at Night Club Square.

    Karaoke equipment has "DAM" latest distribution tune available.
    <, Usage fee, >
    1 hour 750 yen / 2 hours 2,000 yen

    Please ask the front desk when you wish to use it.
  • Shop "Tokishirazu"

    We have local sake and special products at the shop.
    Looking for souvenirs from Oigami Onsen?
    Japanese pattern miscellaneous goods, our original products and bath salts are also popular.

Number of rooms

30 rooms in total:Japanese style room 24 rooms / Japanese + Western room 1 room / 5 other rooms

Room supplement

A Japanese-style cot can be prepared.(Reservation required for quantity limitation)

Standard room facilities

All rooms bath toilet / All rooms Air conditioning / Television / Satellite TV / Empty refrigerator

Internet related

[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
All wi-fi (wireless LAN) connection in this facility is possible.


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / soap / yukata / duvet / shaving / shower cap / comb·brush

Facility content

ground(Toll) / Tennis(Toll) / Hearth / bar / bar(Toll) / banquet hall(Toll) / Karaoke facility(Toll)

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Beauty Spa(Toll) / Massage(Toll) / golf(Toll) Shogi(Toll) / Go(Toll) / Gymnasium(Toll) / ground(Toll) / Tennis(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

Visa / Master / Debit Card / JCB /

Check-in time


Check-out time


Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

Cancellation provisions

7 days ago - 4 days ago:20% of the room charge
3 days ago ~ 2 days ago:30% of room charge
1 day ago:50% of the room charge
On the day of arrival:100% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation without any contact:100% of the accommodation fee
※If there is a cancellation rule setting for each accommodation plan, that will be given priority.

Hot Springs

Oigami Onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Number of baths

"Open-air bath" man:One woman:1 mixed bath:0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Bath Terms of Use

All 6 rooms with open-air baths are "hot springs".