Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO
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Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO


612 Oigami, Tone Town, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture

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Kanetsu Expressway · Numata IC National Route 120, 14 km
We recommend that you use a car to come to Oigami Oigami Onsen.
It's far from the station, so it's in the mountains so buses are few, so it's convenient when you want to go to a convenience store for a moment.
Even when using a train, rental car use is convenient.
  • When using a car

    ·Approximately 25 minutes from "Numata IC"Kan-Etsu Expressway
    ·About 50 minutes by car from Konsei Pass
  • When using a train

    ·About 60 minutes by bus from Jomo-Kogen Station Joetsu Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
    ·Get off at Takasaki - Joetsu Line"Numata Station", about 35 minutes by bus
  • 【Information on Surrounding Area】A legendary famous hot spring God opened ... That is “Oigami Onsen”

    The history of the hot water is old, of the old days, when God of Mt Akagi (snake) and God of Mt Nikko Nantai Centipede fought, has been boiled is suddenly hot water when the God of Mt Akagi, which is elevation in the bow pierce the arrow at the Mt Akagi Sanroku Is the beginning.
    Soon healed and God of Mt Akagi is immerse the wound in the hot water, to be called Oigami (chasing god) because it was able to follow the God of Mt Nantai, it has reportedly become Oigami
  • Oze mountains where Oze lined up make you feel at ease

    KANZANSO is surrounded by nature, and the fresh air will soothe your mind and body.
    Among them, bathing overlooking the Oigami Valley is exceptional.
    About 10 minutes by car, there is Fukiwarenotaki (waterfall) called "Fukiwarenotaki (waterfall)" and a mysterious landscape Oze with a beauty that is unmatched in the world.
    In addition, in Oigami local Akagi Shrine Annual Festival (Daija Festival) in Ukishima Kannon Spring Festival, fireflies in the summer, Oigami and fireworks display, Ukishima Kannon Spring Festival autumn, winter haunts and fires, winter fireworks, etc. there is.
  • Oze

    Mt Hiuchidake, Mt Keizuru, there is a Ozegahara with enclosed by Ozenuma and large wetlands to Mt Shibutsu
    Spring is Asian skunk cabbage, and summer is Asian skunk cabbage, and it attracts tourists.
  • Fukiwarenotaki (waterfall)

    Many cracks appear to have cracked a huge rock.
    The promenade and the bomb vault are fully equipped and it can turn around in about an hour.

    Period: Early April to late November
  • Oigami Onsen, Daijya Festival (great snake festival)

    Oigami Onsen serpent, the founder of Oigami Onsen, is believed to be a “guardian god” for the people of Akagi, and holds the “Great Snake Daijya Festival (great snake festival)” every year with gratitude for the Daijya Festival (great snake festival).
    The Great Daijya Festival (great snake festival) is an annual festival held every second Friday and Saturday in May with gratitude to the guardian deity, and it is a heroic festival that transforms the Great Serpent of Akagi a Shinto shrine and walks around a hot spring area.
    A cute kid's shrine during the day, a book with shrimp with big snakes going out at night and the spa town is full of vigor.Please look.

    Reprinted: Gugutto Gumma, http: //gunma-dc.net/