【Official】KANZANSO in Oigami Onsen

Welcome to the KANZANSO in Oigami Onsen.

Seasonal scenery and birds singing ... Please forget the hustle and bustle of the day and enjoy the moment of "healing".

Both rooms' windows face the mountain side and you can see the scenery colored every season while staying in your room.
All six rooms are rooms with hot spring open-air bath on the top floor of the Kanzansou
Also, a private outdoor bath "Yamanami-no-yu" has been well received.
We prepare cooked dishes that make use of the materials of the four seasons for meals.Please enjoy the taste of "Oku-Tone".

Please spend some time with nostalgic, undecorated "heart of hospitality", relaxingly.

Popular Recommendation plan

  • 【Discount due to some issues or irregularities Plan】Super deals for refurbishment period limited! Super lucky if the date matches! From 9,720 yen per person!

    Weekdays, From 2 people / 1 room @ ¥ 9,720

    ◆◇Super deals for refurbishment period limited! Discount due to some issues or irregularities Plan◇◆
    We will renovate this facility such as the guest room floor.
    We offer guests to customers avoiding construction time zones!
    Please do not worry because we do not work for guest rooms and nighttime guests.

    We will provide reasonably with "in translation" due to the stay within the renovation work period!
  • 【You can enjoy 2 kinds of Kaiseki menu】Joshu beef sukiyaki kaiseki set meal & Joshu beef steak happily fifty-fifty Plan

    Weekday 2 persons from 1 room @ ¥ 13,500

    ◆◇Sukiyaki cuisine cuisine meals & steak kaiseki cooking guide Happily fifty-fifty plan◇◆
    "I want to eat steak, but I want to eat sukiyaki" may be lost.
    Kanzansou, we prepared a plan that allows you to think "such as Happily fifty-fifty" in thinking such a lost feeling!

    Joshu Beef Steak chef special "Joshu Beef Steak" attached monthly Joshu Beef Steak food menu and the most popular "Joshu Beef Steak" with the addition of the monthly Joshu Beef Steak cooking meal
    We will prepare two kinds of Kaiseki cuisine.
  • 【☆Planetary sky observation & star talking plan】Listen to the expert's commentary while watching stars☆Why do not you look at the full night sky?

    From 2 people / 1 room @ ¥ 13,460

    ◆◇With expert commentary☆A sky full of stars in the night sky looking up◇◆

    "Star" which can not be easily seen in the city can be seen beautifully at Oigami Onsen.

    ◆event date: April 28(Day), May 25(soil), June 22(soil), July 26(Money),
    July 28(Day), August 31(soil), September 28(soil), October 19 (soil)

    ◆open time: Start observation 20:00

    ◆set: Numata City Tone Tourism Association Hall, Oigami Onsen Tourist Association office
    ※One minute on foot from the hotel

    ◆Number of people: Limited to 30 people

    Depending on the Milky Way and falling star, depending on the time, there are large triangles in the summer and fall squares,
    How about appreciating stars while listening to commentaries by experts?

Facility information

  • 【1F Lobby】lobby lounge

    Relaxing free time in the lounge.
    We support all of the facilities (wireless LAN) in this facility.
    You can use the Internet freely on a PC.
  • 【1F Lobby】Coffee corner

    Please enjoy coffee while watching nature slowly.
    The coffee time which is healed by the green is exceptional.
  • 【Beauty Spa】Beauty Spa Menu

    How about a beauty salon with outstanding cosmetic effect on a body warmed by a hot spring?
    Please refresh your mind and body with hot springs and beauty salon.

     ~ Refresh Este ~
     ( Ultrasonic Beauty Salon)

    ◆ Facial Beauty Salon( Beautiful face)
    ※, option:Seaweed Aquagelly Thalasso 1,000 yen
    ◆ Body beauty salon( back·shoulder)
    ◆ West Slim Beauty Salon( Lower abdomen)
    ◆ Arms Shiny Beauty Salon (both arms)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both ankles - a calf)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both thighs)
    ◆ Sole health health beauty salon( Both ankles - ankle)
    ※The above menu, 1 menu 20 minutes, it will be 2,000 yen.

    ◆Special course( Whole body beauty) 80 minutes, 8,000 yen
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612 Oigami, Tone Town, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture

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Kanetsu Expressway · Numata IC National Route 120, 14 km
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