Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO

【Official】KANZANSO in Oigami Onsen

Welcome to KANZANSO in Oigami Onsen 

Seasonal scenery and birds singing ... Please forget the hustle and bustle of the day and enjoy the moment of "healing".

Both rooms' windows face the mountain side and you can see the scenery colored every season while staying in your room.
There are 6 guest rooms with open-air hot spring baths on the top floor.

We prepare cooked dishes that make use of the materials of the four seasons for meals.
Please spend some time with nostalgic, undecorated "heart of hospitality", relaxingly.

~~ The public space in this facility is non-smoking.~~
Public spaces (lobbys, restaurants, etc.) within the facility are non-smoking, providing a safe and secure space.
※If you smoke, please use the "smoking area" in your room or entrance.

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~ News from KANZANSO ~

  • Aigo Gunma's 3rd "Accommodation Campaign" has started!

    Accommodation fee is 6,600 yen or more including tax per person per night and per person per night
    5,000 yen or 3,000 yen discount (or cash back)!

    "Accommodation campaign" discount (or cash back) is applicable
    ◆(1) "Gunma citizens" (2) "Gunma vaccine notebook", "new coronavirus vaccine vaccination certificate" or "negative certificate in PCR test" present, 5,000 yen discount per person per night(Or cash back)◆(1) Those who meet only "Gunma citizens" will get a 3,000 yen discount (or cash back) per person per night.

    ※Please click the photo for details.
  • For the time being, you cannot use the one-day hot spring only.

    For the time being, please note that the "one-day hot springs only" customers cannot use it.

    For those who bring a bill for hot springs, we have prepared a "day trip hot spring" of this facility.
    Rest assured that you can enjoy it.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.
    I will tell you.

Consecutive stays are welcome! We offer up to 50% discount on room rates for consecutive nights.

  • How about worcation at this facility?

    Wi-Fi is available in all facilities!
    Up to 50% discount depending on the length of stay.

    <Room rate>
    20% discount for 3 nights
    20% discount for 4 nights 
    50% discount for 5 nights

    This facility can be brought into your room!
    It is "OK to bring in", so be sure to be careful about hygiene when eating and drinking.
    Please put it in the refrigerator in the guest room.
    ※Please cooperate with garbage separation and takeaway.

    Please contact the inn directly when you stay.

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

  • About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

    In consideration of the health and safety of customers and staff, this facility will take the following actions based on the "New Coronavirus Response Guidelines" issued by Gunma Prefecture.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    【Specific initiatives】
    ·Alcohol disinfection for disinfection is installed in various places in this facility
    ·Handwashing and gargling staff
    ·Implementation of staff temperature measurement and health check
    ·Staff mask wear

    For details, see "To all our guests" at the bottom right.
    Enjoy the measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus at this facility.
    Please see it as it is posted.

Facility information

  • 【1F Lobby】lobby lounge

    Free time to relax in the lobby lounge.
    We support all of the facilities (wireless LAN) in this facility.
    You can use the Internet freely on a PC.
  • 【1F Lobby】Lounge

    Relax in the scenic lounge overlooking the hot spring town.
  • 【Beauty Spa】Beauty Spa Menu

    How about a beauty salon with outstanding cosmetic effect on a body warmed by a hot spring?
    Please refresh your mind and body with hot springs and beauty salon.

     ~ Refresh Este ~
     ( Ultrasonic Beauty Salon)

    ◆ Facial Beauty Salon( Beautiful face)
    ※, option:Seaweed Aquagelly Thalasso 1,000 yen
    ◆ Body beauty salon( back·shoulder)
    ◆ West Slim Beauty Salon( Lower abdomen)
    ◆ Arms Shiny Beauty Salon (both arms)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both ankles - a calf)
    ◆ Leg stretchy beauty salon (both thighs)
    ◆ Sole health health beauty salon( Both ankles - ankle)
    ※The above menu, 1 menu 20 minutes, it will be 2,000 yen.

    ◆Special course (whole body beauty) 60 minutes 6,000 yen
    (Facial, neck, hand, body, waist,
     Legs / calves / soles)
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Oigami Onsen, KANZANSO


612 Oigami, Tone Town, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture

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Kanetsu Expressway · Numata IC National Route 120, 14 km
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